OY Densel Baltic is an Estonian privately owned company that was founded in 2000.

The business area is production of mechanical parts and metal construction. OY Densel Baltic is a traditional subcontract engineering company. The company works in business of selling capacity for machining, metal cutting and forming services including turning, milling, grinding, bending and fabrication.

OY Densel Baltic has 1 000 square metres of production area (lifting capacity: 5 tons) located in Tallinn. The company employs 11 people including 2 certified welders, 7 machine operators and 2 engineers/specialists who participate in the planning, preparation and implementation manufacturing processes.

Today, the company produces components parts for wood handling equipment, wind turbine generators, general-purpose shafts & roller and metal constructions up to 5 tons.

The company management team consider the current competitive strengths of the business to be in offering customers:

  • Satisfying customers quality requirements
  • Reliable delivery
  • Low prices

Suur-paala 13, 13619, Tallinn, Phone (+372) 6 801 160, mail: info[at]denselbaltic.ee